Welcome Studios

Welcome Studios was created to offer an honest, kind and genuinely design lead approach to eyewear; one that stands behind people and planet, not just profit.

We bring together creative & innovative design, manufacturing expertise and responsible business practices. Our end-to-end service connects brands and retailers with the eyewear industry’s most sought after creatives, makers and suppliers.

We’re at our best when asked to bring a company’s unique DNA to life through eyewear. This is our specialty, and it’s in this space that we thrive.

Any questions?
Email Isaac Margolis (our global sales director). i.margolis@welcome-studios.com

Visuals: Volume 001 — Production, Research & Travel Snapshots

Hand dying a cellulose acetate sheet

Frame manufacturing facility in Italy

Apartment complex in Miami, USA

Recycled steel engineering drawing 

Frame sizing records at a prototyping workshop

 Curtains at burlesque club in Pigalle, France

Removing frame imperfections by hand

Havana tortoiseshell acetate swatches — made primarily of FSC certified wood pulp

Unplated recycled steel frame

South Australian coastline

Inserting hinge details one at a time